quinta-feira, maio 25, 2017

7. M.

Um livro muito interessante que me encanta.

«The Atlas of Literature explores the fascinating connection between writers and place. This ambitious and exciting book focuses on writers and works that are intimately bound up with a place and a time, capturing a town, a city, a region, in its literary heyday. Through more than 80 essays, the Atlas looks at scores of cities, regions, and coutries all over the world that have been immortalized in literature or through their association with writers who lived there. Here are Stratford and London in Shakespeare's day, Cervantes' Spain, the world of the Lake poets, Washington Irving's Europe, Fenimore Cooper's Frontier, Hawthorne's New England, Dickens's London, Balzac's Paris, Kafka's Prague, Joyce's Dublin, Paris in the Twenties, Bloomsbury, Harlem, Hollywood, Broadway, and many, many others through to the present day. 
The maps are a major feature of the book, locating key towns and cities, plotting real and fictional journeys and landscapes, and showing the cafés, theaters and homes where legendary authors lived, worked, and congregated. These are supplemented by copious period drawings, photographs, and illustrations of hundreds of people and places.» 
The Atlas of Literature, General Editor Malcolm Bradbury, De Agostini Editions Ltd, 1996 


Blogger Justine said...

Fascinante, M.! Para mim, que tenho a mania de seguir os passos dos escritores (ou personagens, como fiz em Alexandria) pelas cidades que visito - ou visito por causa dos escritores -, é um livro apetecível, que vou tentar encontrar a todo o custo! Obrigada pela "revelação"

Anonymous Anónimo said...

Deve ser muito interessante este Atlas.

Teresa Silva


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