sábado, outubro 01, 2005

Ho Huai-Shuo

«Ho Huai-Shuo was born in Canton in 1941 and since early childhood was favoured with an extraordinary love and gift for music, literature and art. Without a teacher, he began to play the organ for the Christian Church in his native village and created mural size decorations for the annual Christmas festivities. During classes in school his “hand could not stop itching” and
he covered all the margins of his workbooks with drawings and sketches in spite of repeated warnings by irate teachers. In art classes, of course, he was invariably at the head of his class and when it became clear that art was to be his life, young Ho entered the middle school attached to a famous art academy. »

«When he entered college he had already determined to create a contemporary mode for Chinese painting. He was convinced that Western painting stresses realism and Chinese painting emphasizes idealistic expression,
hsieh-i, which subjective stance provides realms for expression of far greater freedom…»

Inner Realms of Ho Huai-Shuo, published in 1982 by Hibiya Co. Ltd.

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bettips disse...

Tive saudades e vim cá, folhear o livro!

bettips disse...

Há que tempos não vejo o livro na estante!
Há que tempos que não venho aqui vê-lo!
Um espanto, dois mil e nove? Foi hoje por falar nos 15 anos passados em companhia contigo e diversa.